Support for Emotional & Social Development

At St. Stephen’s CE Primary School, the Social and Emotional Development of our children is especially important to us.  We strive to support children’s social and emotional development and this is imbedded in our school ethos.  We endeavor to foster nurturing relationships with each and every child in our school and staff ensure that this nurturing atmosphere is key in their classroom.

Our school offers a wide variety of pastoral support for pupils.

These include:

  • Members of staff such as Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Parental Support Advisor (PSA), and SENCo, are readily available for pupils who wish to discuss issues and concerns. The Deputy Headteacher and all Class Teachers have regular check-in sessions for vulnerable pupils.
  • We have a robust recording system to log any causes for concern so that all members of staff around the school are aware of the situation.
  • After School and Breakfast Clubs are available to promote Social Skills and general well-being for pupils.
  • Playground Buddies are on hand to offer support to pupils at break times.
  • If a pupil has a medical need, then a detailed Care Plan is compiled in consultation with parents/carers and with support from the appropriate health care professional. These are discussed with all staff who are involved with the pupil.
  • Where necessary, and in agreement with parents/carers, medicines are administered in school but only where a signed Medication consent form is in place to ensure the safety of both child and staff member.
  • Staff receive training in the administration of medication.
  • Sufficient numbers of staff with full and basic first aid training are always on site.

We have a number of interventions to support the social and emotional development of children such as Lego Therapy, Talkabout and Relax Kids.